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প্রাইমারি টেট ইংরেজি মডেল প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

পর্ষদের প্রাইমারি টেট ইংরেজি বিষয়ের মডেল প্রশ্নের উত্তর

পর্ষদ প্রদত্ত প্রাইমারি টেট ইংরেজি বিষয়ের নমুনা প্রশ্নের উত্তর | WB Primary TET English Subject Model Questions Answers

প্রাইমারি টেট ইংরেজি মডেল প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর
প্রাইমারি টেট ইংরেজি মডেল প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

সুপ্রিয় বন্ধুরা,
পশ্চিমবঙ্গ প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা পর্ষদ প্রাথমিক টেট পরীক্ষার ইংরেজি বিষয়ের যে সকল নমুনা প্রশ্ন দিয়েছে, সেগুলির উত্তর আজ আপনাদের প্রদান করলাম। প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর গুলি আপনাদের পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতিতে সাহায্য করবে, তাই দেরী না করে পর্ষদ প্রদত্ত ইংরেজি মডেল প্রশ্নের উত্তরগুলি দেখে নিন।

প্রাইমারি টেট ইংরেজি মডেল প্রশ্নের উত্তর

Read the following passage to answer the Q Nos. 1 to 4 :

Self-directed learning, in its broadest meaning, describes a process in which individuals take the initiative with or without the help of others, in diagnosing their learning needs, formulation of learning goals, identifying resources for learning, choosing and implementing learning strategies and evaluating learning outcomes. Thus, it is important to attain new knowledge easily and skillfully for the rest of his or her life.

What is the need for self-directed learning ? One reason is that there is convincing evidence that people, who take the initiative in learning, learn more things and learn better than people waiting to be taught. The second reason is that self-directed learning is more in tune with our natural processes of psychological development. An essential aspect of maturing is developing the ability to take increasing responsibility of our own lives to become increasingly self-directed. The third reason is that many of the new developments in education impart a heavy responsibility on the learners to take a good deal of initiative in their own learning. To meet the challenges in today’s instructive environment, self-directed learning is most essential.

1. Self-directed learning means :
A. learning with or without the help of others
B. passive learning
C. learning by direction from others
D. self learning of the aspirant

2. Which word best describes self-directed learning ?
A. Repulsive learning
B. Compulsory learning
C. Active learning
D. Passive learning

3. There is need for self-directed learning because –
A. it is less challenging
B. it helps people to learn more things and learn better
C. it is a costly method
D. it is directed by others

4. The modern environment, according to the author is –
A. instructive
B. restrictive
C. impracticable
D. less developed

5. Use of grammar, punctuation and spelling pertains to –
A. text production while writing.
B. thermal speech.
C. listening to a lecture.
D. informal conversation.

6. In response to a student’s question in the class room a teacher should –
A. advise the student to meet him/her after the class.
B. encourage the student to participate in the classroom discussion.
C. encourage the student to ask more questions.
D. encourage the student to search answers independently.

7. Mistakes in language learning should be –
A. taken seriously
B. eliminated as early as possible
C. ignored
D. discussed with parents

8. Some qualities of a good English text book are –
A. good printing with no spelling mistakes
B. instructions clearly provided for all types of exercises
C. realistic and interesting subject matter.
D. all the above.




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