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Homeউচ্চ মাধ্যমিকউচ্চ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন 2023 | HS English Suggestion 2023

উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন 2023 | HS English Suggestion 2023

২০২৩ সালের উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন

উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন 2023 PDF | HS English Suggestion 2023 PDF

উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন 2023
উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন 2023

সুপ্রিয় বন্ধুরা,
আজ আপনাদের উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন ২০২৩ টি প্রদান করলাম। অভিজ্ঞ শিক্ষক-শিক্ষিকার সাহায্য এবং বিগত কয়েক বছরের ইংরেজি প্রশ্নপত্র অনুকরণ করে এই সাজেশনটি প্রস্তুত করা হয়েছে। আমরা আশা রাখছি এই ইংরেজি সাজেশনটি উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক ২০২৩ পরীক্ষার্থীদের ভীষণভাবে সাহায্য করবে।

উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক পরীক্ষা ২০২৩
বোর্ডপশ্চিমবঙ্গ উচ্চমাধ্যমিক শিক্ষা সংসদ
টপিকউচ্চ মাধ্যমিক সাজেশন
পরীক্ষার তারিখ১৬ই মার্চ ২০২৩
উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সিলেবাস ২০২৩
ProseThe Eyes Have It
Strong Roots
Thank You, Ma’am
The Three Questions
PoetryOn Killing a Tree
Asleep in the Valley
Shall I Compare Thee
The Poetry of Earth
DramaThe Proposal
English for Specific PurposePrécis writing
Report Writing
Business/Formal letter
উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন ২০২৩

The Eyes Have It :
  • “Yes, this is the best time.” – Who is the speaker ? What is the best time ? Why does he describe it as the best time ?
  • “Then I made a mistake.” – Who is the speaker ? What mistake did he make ? Why was it a mistake ? What removed the speaker’s doubts ? What did the speaker do them ?
  • “Oh, how lucky you are.” – Who said this ? Who was considered to be lucky and why ? How did the person react to the above remark ?
Strong Roots :
  • “Our locality was predominantly Muslim.” – Who is the speaker ? Describe the locality where the speaker lived ? What picture of communal harmony do you find in this description ?
  • “There is nothing mysterious about prayer.” – Who said this and to whom ? How does the speaker explain the relevance of prayer ?
  • What was Kalam’s father’s response to his son’s query about prayer and spirituality ?
Three Questions :
  • “You have already been answered!” said the hermit…” What are the questions of the Tasar ? What are the replies of the hermit ?
  • “Forgive me!” – Who said this and to whom ? Why did the speaker beg forgiveness ? What was the reaction of the person spoken to ?
Thank You Ma’am :
  • “Eat some more, son.” – Who is the speaker ? What is offered by the speaker to the listener ? What picture of the Speaker’s character is revealed in this line ?
  • ”I would teach you right from wrong.” – Who said this, to whom and when ? How did the speaker transform the person spoken to her ?
On Killing A Tree :
  • Justify the title of the poem, “On Killing a Tree”.
  • “It takes much time to kill a tree/Not a simple jab of the knife/will do it” – What does the phrase ‘a simple jab of the knife’ mean ? Why can’t ‘a simple jab of the knife’ kill a tree ?
The Poetry of Earth :
  • What picture of summer is presented in ‘The Poetry of Earth’ ? How has it been carried on to the picture of winter ?
  • “He takes the lead.” – Who is ‘he’ ? When does ‘he’ take the lead ? How does ‘he’ take the lead ?
Asleep in the Valley :
  • Justify the significance of the title of the poem “Asleep in the valley”.
  • ”In his side there are two red holes.” – Who is referred to as ‘his‘ ? Why are there two red holes in his side ? How is the pity of war is reflected through this striking revelation at the end of the poem ?
Shall I Compare Thee :
  • “But thy eternal summer shall not fade.” – Who is the poet ? What is meant by try eternal summer ? How does the poet suggest that ‘the eternal summer shall never fade’ ?
  • How does Shakespeare compare the beauty of his friend to that of a summer’s day ?
The Proposal :
  • ”If you like, I’ll make you a present of them.” – Who is the speaker ? Who is the person spoken to ? What would the speaker make a present of ? Why did the speaker say so ?
  • “Oh what a burden, Lord to be the father of a grown up daughter” – Who is the speaker ? About whom this is said by the speaker ? When does the speaker make this remark ? Why does the speaker say so ?
  • Give a brief sketch of the character of Natalya in the play “The Proposal”
Letter Writing :
  • Write a letter to the Editor of an English Daily expressing view on the relevance & limitation of online coaching due to the lock-down situation.
  • Write a letter to the Editor of an English Daily about the excessive price-hike of Petrol and Diesel.
  • Write a letter to the manager of a local nationalized bank to offer you an educational loan for your higher education.
Report Writing :
  • Cyber Awareness
  • Celebration of World Environment Day in your school
  • Plant tree, save life and water
উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক ইংরেজি সাজেশন 2023 PDF

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